Regional Bus Station in Kraków (Regionalny Dworzec Autobusowy w Krakowie S.A.)

The Company Regionalny Dworzec Autobusowy w Krakowie Sp. z o.o. was created on 28 October 2003. Its shareholders are: the MaĹ‚opolskie Province, Kraków City Commune and Motor Transport Company (PKS S.A.) in Kraków

The MaĹ‚opolskie Province, under the “MaĹ‚opolskie Province Development Strategy”, adopted by the Regional Council (Resolution XXIII/250/2000), defined “better transport access in the entire region”, including the construction of “an efficient internal transport system”, as one of the key priorities. One of the elements of the realization of that objective is the new bus station in Kraków.

Kraków City, when accepting the investment as a priority within the Kraków Transport Centre, decided to participate in the construction of the new bus station in Kraków, consisting of a regional bus station and the city station. The participation of the City in the Company is aimed at realizing the commune’s own tasks related to local collective transport.

Motor Transport Company (PrzedsiÄ™biorstwo Komunikacji Samochodowej w Krakowie S.A.) located in Kraków, which owned adequate grounds, decided to participate in the investment, considering general improvement of the transport system in Kraków.

The Partners’ aim was to guarantee equal access to the Station. The Station has 32 departure platforms on a two-level construction with independent entries, and a station building – the Station’s base. The Regional Bus Station took over the services for passengers in Kraków, provided so far by PKS S.A. in Kraków.

The construction of the Station was completed by BUDIMEX-DROMEX S.A. The cost of the investment amounted to over 24 million PLN.